Lower School athletes to watch

Nick Steinert ’19
Caleb Coleman ‘20

Boys’ Varsity Basketball

Third Former Caleb Coleman is a shooting guard on Boys’ Varsity Basketball. Inspired by his father who played basketball at Brandeis University, Caleb joined his middle school team. Last season, Caleb was the only Second Former to make the varsity team. Caleb’s coaches and teammates have watched his confidence and athleticism grow profoundly since last year. This year Caleb has become a regular contributor to the team’s rotation. Caleb loves playing basketball each day because he gets to play with his friend, Finn “The Bull” Scott. Coach Francis expects Caleb’s role on the team to continue to grow in the coming years and believes that “the sky really is the limit for him.”

Nick Steinert ’19
Kevin Clark ‘20

Boys’ Varsity Hockey

Kevin Clark is in Third Form and a member of the Boys’ Varsity Hockey team. Kevin started playing hockey twelve years ago, wanting to follow in his dad’s footsteps, who played Division I college hockey at Michigan State University. Kevin played on JV last year and now is the backup varsity goalie. Starting games against Brooks and Governor’s, Kevin has made a significant impact on the team so far this season. Kevin’s  teammates and coaches alike respect him for his tireless work ethic. Coach Riley praises Kevin for his tenacity and loves watching him improve every day. Coach Leroy says Kevin is a “quiet guy on the ice, but his work in practice speaks louder than words.”

Nick Steinert ’19
Caroline Wilxcox ‘20

Girls’ Varsity Squash

Third Former Caroline Wilcox has made an immediate impact during her first season as a member of the Girls’ Varsity Squash team, playing in the fifth spot on the ladder. Caroline has been playing squash since fifth grade, on both her school and club teams. Her coach, Mike Tootill praises her for her athleticism and strength on the ball. Caroline has posted the best individual record on the team so far, winning matches against St.Pauls, Taft, Exeter, BB&N, and Brooks, and only losing to two strong teams in Deerfield and Winsor. Teammate Caroline Johnston calls Wilcox “a reliable and spirited player.”

Nick Steinert ’19
Mikayla Murrin ‘21

Girls’ Varsity Basketball

Mikayla Murrin is a Second Former on Girls’ Varsity Basketball. In her first season, Mikayla has already had a large impact on the team. She has become a valuable member of the team, playing in all but one game so far this season. Mikayla is currently averaging 3.1 points per game, 1.5 rebounds per game, and is 8 for 12 from the free throw line. She had six point efforts against Rivers, Pingree, and Dana Hall. Coach Crail raves, “Mikayla fit in with the older girls from day one and is one of the most well liked players on the team. She is a very talented, committed, and coachable basketball player and one of the reasons we are so excited about the future of Groton Girls’ Basketball.”