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All-Gender Dorms

Lloxci Lopez , Staff Writer April 20, 2021

Groton prides itself on an intimate community — residential living plays a significant role as students spend time studying, playing, and most importantly living together for a good portion of the year....

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The Multi Variable Decision

Elizabeth Wolfram '23, Opinions Assistant Editor March 9, 2021

This past August I looked through the Multivariable Calculus roster and found that I was the only girl in the class. I guess all the other girls must be in the other section I thought. I soon discovered,...

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How We Should Survive Winter

Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld '21, Editor-In-Chief December 15, 2020

“The next three months are going to be just horrible.” This was the advice of Dr. Ashish Jha, Dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health when interviewed by the New York Times about what...

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Saturday Classes During Covid-19

Joon Whang '23, Staff Writer December 14, 2020

In a period of uneasiness and uncertainty, an adherence to past tradition and an attempt to preserve the fundamental pillars of the Groton community is commendable. The continuation of chapel services,...

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myGroton “Progress” Should Always Show Progress

Jiacheng Kang '22, Assistant Opinions Editor December 14, 2020

It’s winter term, and you have two majors the next day — both of which are bound to play a significant role in your overall term grade. You don’t feel prepared for either. Which one should you spend...

The Under-Evaluated Dilemma: Remote Learning at Groton

The Under-Evaluated Dilemma: Remote Learning at Groton

Elbereth Chen '21, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

While many students returned to campus for the new school year, remote learners from all around the world are still struggling with challenges—both social and academic—previously experienced by all...

Why Numbers Matter

Leah Pothel '21, Opinions Editor May 31, 2020

When the coronavirus ramped up, schools across the country had no choice but to shut down. They did, however, face an important and contentious decision about how students would be assessed for spring...

Online APs: The Wrong Enemy

Evan Cheigh '22 and Jiacheng Kang '22 May 31, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the nature of the Advanced Placement (AP) exams had to change — the alternative being the entire cancellation of the program. In a survey conducted by the College Board (CB) in early...

Student acolytes leading the procession into St. Johns Chapel.

Traditions Have Expiration Dates Too

Jiacheng Kang '22, Breaking News Reporter April 28, 2020

St. Mark’s Day. Check-in. Surprise Holiday. The interminable cycle of traditions define our lives on the Circle, yet we tend to forget the traditions that we no longer have.  We no longer condone...

The Groton Community - Online Edition

The Groton Community – Online Edition

Elizabeth Wolfram '23 April 28, 2020

After Groton transitioned to online classes, many students feared that we will not be able to maintain the community that we all enjoy. However, from my siblings and my own experience at Stanford Online...

It’s Time to Change Protected Period

Cam Nguyen '22 and Zola Sayers-Fay '22 March 7, 2020

The goal of protected period is to assess students without putting them under the enormous stress of an exam week, especially after a cold and dark term. According to Academic Dean Katherine Leggat, “Protected...

Run, Zebras, Run! Acceleration at Groton

Imagine being told that you are not allowed to accelerate academically by skipping course levels, just because other people would feel pressured to do so as well. Despite the peer pressure it might...

D&I is Inherently Political

Brooks Anderson '20, Columnist March 7, 2020

Disclosure: I am both a registered Democrat and a member of the Diversity and Inclusion group.   The Diversity and Inclusion group (D&I) is inherently political. To be clear at the outset,...

Embrace the Groton Grind

Embrace the Groton Grind

Garrett Johnson '20 February 12, 2020

During one of the first Chapel Talks I heard at Groton, Headmaster Temba Maqubela spoke about redefining the infamous “Groton grind” as the “Groton embrace.” The words did little to disguise the...

The Dangers of Groton’s Echo Chamber

Alisa Gulyansky '24 December 20, 2019

                When I first set foot on the Circle, I was in for a major culture shock: coming from a conservative public school in...

Should We Keep 6-5-4?

  In today’s world, the unjust vilification of institutions and traditions is all too common. Groton is no exception: over the years, 6-5-4 has been misrepresented time and again. We must...

Erosion of Democracy

Erosion of Democracy

Jack Wilmerding '19, Assistant Opinions Editor February 5, 2019

A recent Groton alumnus, Victor Liu ’17, is currently forbidden from leaving China, with no charges against him. The Chinese authorities are after his father, Liu Changming, an alleged $1.4 billion fraudster...

Students filing into Chapel.

Should We Livestream Chapel?

Lars Caspersen '19, Humor Editor February 5, 2019

Aren’t you tired of waiting in line to get in to chapel? I sure am. So I decided that I might improve upon the engineering class’s best efforts to reduce this wait. To streamline logistics Groton needs...

Why I Would Send my Daughter to Groton

Why I Would Send my Daughter to Groton

Lilias Kim '19, Arts Editor February 5, 2019

Last night my mother called. She asked me, “Would you ever send your daughter to Groton?”  After a long pause I replied, “Yes.”  The silence on her end told me she was surprised. And I...

Time to Abolish Intervis

Time to Abolish Intervis

Abby Kirk '19, Assistant News Editor December 18, 2018

Intervisitation is a broken system that actively prevents the formation of a healthy culture around sexuality at Groton. Intervis is intended for members of the opposite sex to visit in each other’s...

Peer Counselors meeting in the Wellness Center.

Peer Counseling: An Analysis

Yumin Shivdasani '20, Assistant Opinions Editor December 18, 2018

The peer counseling program undeniably maintains and promotes the mental wellbeing of students on the Circle, but shortcomings in the system prevent certain groups of students from reaping its benefits....

Revisiting Trumps Letter in the Wake of Midterm Elections

Revisiting Trump’s Letter in the Wake of Midterm Elections

Powers Trigg '20, Assistant Sports Editor November 10, 2018

Groton has always had a history of public service.  There is perhaps no greater emblem of that tradition than the letters and portraits from the last nineteen presidents of the United States that line...

Students at Buddhist Sangha.

Buddhist Sangha Fails to Meet Student Needs

Yumin Shivdasani '20 October 19, 2018

As a new Fifth Former, I signed up for Hindu and Buddhist Sangha as my religious requirement. I hadn’t known what to expect, so on the first Sunday of the school year, I was perplexed to find myself...

Conservation Corps clearing invasives.

Ecocide in Groton’s Backyard

Robin Huntington '22 and Jacinta Lopez '22 October 19, 2018

Loggers have chopped down large numbers of trees in the Keyes Memorial Forest, home to rare species and valuable wetland habitat just across the street from Groton School. Currently, 20 of its 57 acres...

Two Views: Should the Headmaster Be Able to Overrule the D.C.?

Two Views: Should the Headmaster Be Able to Overrule the D.C.?

Tyler Weisberg '22 and Jack Wilmerding '19 September 13, 2018

Yes. by Tyler Weisberg '22 The current Disciplinary Committee (DC) process is Groton’s best attempt at incorporating the following concepts: due process, democratic and diverse decision-making, and...

Lower schoolers gathering in the mall.

Finding Your Space in Third Form

Halle Livermore '19, Columnist September 13, 2018

After sports and dinner, a pack of third formers plop down on the mall couches. It’s 6:30, so there is plenty of time before study hall. What better way to spend it than crammed among new friends? Spending...

Should Senior Prefects Campaign? Two Views.

Should Senior Prefects Campaign? Two Views.

Halle Livermore '19 and Katie Reveno '20 June 2, 2018

Yes. by Halle Livermore '19 Imagine a presidential election in which campaigning is prohibited. Upon voting, you are provided a list of all eligible candidates, and from this list you must choose the...

Jaden Cheeks ’19 plays Fortnite.

The Scourge of Fortnite in Lower School

Tyler Weisberg '22 June 2, 2018

The gaming industry, rapidly increasing in size, surpassed 100 billion dollars in revenue in 2017. The impact of this growth has started to seriously affect Groton students. Usually, gaming at Groton...

Where We Need Work in the Exchange Program

Karla Sanford '19 May 30, 2018

This past spring break I traveled on a Global Education program to India. We saw classic sites like the Taj Mahal and the Ganges, but we spent the bulk of the trip at boarding schools in Dehradun – the...

Where Groton Failed in the #NeverAgain Movement

Katie Reveno '20 May 30, 2018

When Annabelle Mata, a close friend and former teammate of mine, walked into school the morning of February 14th, 2018, she didn’t expect anything other than a normal day of classes. She didn’t expect...

To Snitch or Not to Snitch: On Cheating and Trust

Derek Hu '21 May 30, 2018

have cheated at least once in the past year. This shocking number suggests an increased pressure to get good grades and enter top universities. Especially in a school as competitive as Groton, most students...

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Essential Enviro

Fran Saldivar '19 March 2, 2018

The yearlong Environmental Science course is often overlooked by Groton students. Many never step into Dr. Black’s classroom, opting for courses that are more popular and sometimes considered more useful....

The Case for Ending Fourth Form Study Hall

Katie Reveno '20 January 19, 2018

It’s 7:55 on a Thursday night. After a long day of classes, sports practice, dinner, and a club meeting, you realize you have a math problem set due tomorrow and virtually no idea how to solve it. If...

Toce 19

A Chapel Talk for Every Sixth Former

Andrew Rasetti '18 January 19, 2018

The chapel talk is arguably the most important tradition at Groton. It is the one time when a senior has the attention of the whole school, free of any prompt or guidelines beyond basic decency. It gives...

An APpalling Waste: How AP exams lost their way

An APpalling Waste: How AP exams lost their way

Charlie Vrattos '18, Columnist May 11, 2017

As the spring term approaches its end, fifth formers face a major obstacle between them and summer break: APs. These dreaded “advanced placement” courses are the bane of any fifth former’s existence...

Gains: Obinna Nwakoro ‘21 works on his pecs.

Hitting the iron ceiling: the weight room and gender

Nina Norton '18, Columnist May 11, 2017

Here at Groton we pride ourselves on two things: our diversity, and our inclusivity. We care about those two things so much that at least twice a year we have a day devoted entirely to them. And yet, you...

More than 120 admitted students revisited the School earlier this month.

The grocery store from The Interview?: Revisit Day

Andrew Porter '20, Reporter April 19, 2017

With the admissions season having drawn to a close, newly admitted students came to Groton for Revisit Day. As Mr. Gracey said, it’s a way to help students get a “feel for the culture of the school.” But...

How does that make you feel?

How does that make you feel?

Nina Norton '18, Columnist April 19, 2017

Given the high rates of depression and anxiety suffered by high-school students--especially at a place as demanding as Groton--it is little surprise that the counseling office is a frequent topic of conversation...

Undermining Spring Athletic FSAs: a bad call

Undermining Spring Athletic FSAs: a bad call

Charlie Vrattos '18, Columnist April 19, 2017

Spring sports are, without a doubt, one of the highlights of Groton’s favorite term. On a warm day in April or May, students can amble between the baseball diamond, tennis courts, and lacrosse fields...

E&R: Turning time (and socks) into big bucks

E&R: Turning time (and socks) into big bucks

Kamsi Onwochei ‘20 February 23, 2017

The choice between using E&R or doing your own laundry is solely dependent upon individual preference. I personally do my own laundry and find it easier not only because I get my clothes back faster,...

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