First Ever Groton School Raffle!

First Ever Groton School Raffle!

The Circle Voice is partnering with the school’s administration to offer the first ever Groton School Raffle! There are multiple prizes offered by different departments across the school that students can enter to gain a chance to win!


Prize 1: Meal Card with all C blocks. Offered by the dining hall

Are you tired of going straight to lunch after a busy morning of classes? Or maybe you feel like rushing to your first class everyday while trying to choke down a breakfast sandwich after chapel. Either way this item is perfect for you!


Prize 2: One free pass to cross the football field. Offered by the athletic department.

For years, the Varsity Football team has guarded these hallowed grounds, aggressively chastising those who try to walk through their holy land. But now they are offering a chance for any member of the student body to walk across their beloved patch of grass. Because of the serious nature of this offer the team has put in place a few restrictions to ensure that their field’s honor is not sullied. For brevity’s sake, the Circle Voice has included only 3 out of the 86 rules imposed by the team.

  1. The student who is allowed passage across the field must bow at the feet of the captains at the 50-yard line
  2. Before walking across the field the student must remove their shoes and socks.
  3. Under no circumstances may ANY member of the Cross-Country team be allowed to cross the field.

Prize 3: Three weeks of lessons for an instrument of your choice (within the categories of wind and brass). Offered by the Music Department. (Expires at the end of Fall term.)