Groton Games, Finally Explained

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On the first Sunday of the school year, new and returning students participated in an afternoon of games on the Circle. Every dorm on campus showed enthusiasm and dorm spirit as they tried to beat other dorms in kickball and a Hunger Games-modeled competition. Similar in scope to Spring Fling, the tradition has been known varyingly as the Dorm Olympiad and Dorm Olympics This year, though, it became the Groton Games Kickoff.


The Student Activities Committee (SAC) has made some new and interesting changes this year when it comes to the dorm competitions. The new system is (fittingly) called Groton Games. According to Director of Student Activities Tim Leroy, the games will span the whole year and many areas, such as pumpkin carving, Lip Sync, and the School’s annual spelling bee. Points, will be recorded after each event and the School will have a cumulative winner that will receive a trophy, a picture in the Schoolhouse, a catered dinner and – perhaps most important – bragging rights. SAC student head Alyna Baharozian says, “I think Groton Games are a fun way for dorms to compete and collaborate throughout the school year. We have a lot of fun activities to look forward to and I’m excited to see who comes out on top!”